iOS 9 OS X 10.11 Public Beta

Ready to try out iOS 9 or OS X 10.11 Public Beta?

Posted: in Apple, Information Technology by Michael Kummer

Apple announced iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan during its World Wide Developer Conference in June. Apple also promised public beta versions arriving in July. In the past I was quick to jump on early (developer) beta versions of both iOS and OS X. I knew what I was getting into and sometimes […]


My Review of Apple Music

Posted: in Apple, Information Technology by Michael Kummer

I’m by no means an audiophile but I love to listen to music. Streaming services never appealed much to me and so I used iTunes Match to keep all of my music stored in the cloud and I only downloaded what I needed available offline. I tried Pandora and Spotify at one point or another […]


First Look: Coin – your all-in-one credit card

Posted: in Information Technology by Michael Kummer

What is Coin? Coin is a secure, connected device that can hold and behave like the cards you already carry. A single Coin can help lighten your wallet by consolidating your debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards. Multiple accounts and information – all in one place. In other words, Coin looks […]


Full Body Scanners in Germany are optional(ish)

Posted: in Health, Travel by Michael Kummer

Who doesn’t love those full body scanners at US airports? Well, I don’t! I always opt out of having to go through full body scanners. Not only because I can, going through them is  voluntary after all, but mostly because I believe there is no safe dose of radiation. It adds up over time and since […]


How to minimize or avoid jet lag

Posted: in Travel by Michael Kummer

Going East is Worse I travel a lot – mostly internationally and jet lag has always been an issue. Naturally I have looked for ways to reduce or completely avoid jet lag. Going east is worst for me. Direct flights from the US east coast into Europe usually leave in the late afternoon and arrive […]

iPhone 6 Hardware Issue

iPhone 6 Hardware Issues and Apple’s Response

Posted: in Apple, Information Technology by Michael Kummer

Update: I got a call from the Apple Store leadership and discussed the below iPhone 6 hardware issues and how the Apple Store team handled them. The manager apologized for the issues and promised to talk with the employees I interacted with and to offer further coaching on how to handle such issues in the […]


Trip to Saint Lucia

Posted: in Travel by Michael Kummer

Saint Lucia has been my dream vacation destination since I saw a travel report many years ago while I was still living in Austria. For many Austrians a visit to the Caribbean is on their bucket list, but I never got a chance to visit the Caribbean until I moved to the United States. Since then […]


Video: The Result of Infant Swim Classes

Posted: in Health, Videography by Michael Kummer

My wife and I had already decided to sign our daughter Isabella up for Infant Swim Classes before she was born. When she turned six months, we signed her up at Swim Kids of Georgia. The goal for her was to feel comfortable in the water and to learn how to float in case she accidentally falls into the […]


iOS and OS X Networking Issues Probably Caused by discoveryd

Posted: in Apple, Information Technology by Michael Kummer

With almost every new release some people complain about iOS and OS X networking issues related to unreliable Wireless Lan or Bluetooth connectivity. Connectivity issues I have experienced myself include: AirDrop: Contacts don’t show up and require Bluetooth to be turned off and back on, defeating the purpose of sharing something quickly Wireless Printer: Sometimes, especially on iOS […]


How to Share iCloud Photo Libraries with Family Members

Posted: in Apple, Information Technology, Photography, Videography by Michael Kummer

Since our daughter Isabella was born almost two years ago I have thought about how to share iCloud Photo Libraries between me and my wife. Both of us have taken a lot of photos and videos of our daughter and every couple of months I create a slideshow or a video trailer. I do that because […]


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